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Microsoft Outlook: message auto-completion and voice command support

Microsoft announces new voice-activated support service for Outlook client.


Microsoft is announcing a new voice command support service, specifically tailored for the Outlook client.

Available on all three major platforms – Windows, Android and iOS – the new voice command service uses artificial intelligence algorithms to provide search services in the collection of messages and even dictation of email messages when manual typing is not an option viable.

Outlook users will also be able to use the voice command service to schedule calendar events, call coworkers through Microsoft Teams, and initiate file searches.

Microsoft Outlook becomes even easier to use

Also based on artificial intelligence, a new predictive system will suggest predefined responses to received messages, adapted to their context. The same predictive system will work while typing emails, proposing add-ons that you can insert with a simple swipe over the text displayed below the message, saving time for other important activities.

Users of Outlook for Android will also be able to choose a custom set of actions to appear next to messages announced in the notification list, such as delete, archive, or read mark.

From now on, the entries scheduled in the Calendar will be illustrated with information about the weather on that day, helping users to make last-minute adjustments to issues such as the outfit used and the time of the meeting.

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