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Microsoft brings the video conferencing option to the Windows 10 taskbar

Coming with its own Zoom alternative, Microsoft adds the Skype Meet Now option in the new Windows 10 update.


Coming with its own Zoom alternative, Microsoft adds to the Skype client the Skype Meet Now option, which can be used for video conferencing sessions without restrictions or additional costs.

Taking advantage of the dominant position as the owner of the Windows platform, Microsoft adds this functionality directly to the Windows 10 taskbar, updating the Skype application already pre-installed and set to run with the operating system.

Skype Meet Now, for free and unrestricted video conferencing

For starters, the addition can be found in the latest build of Windows 10, numbered 20221 and distributed through the Windows Insider channel.

Assuming you already have the correct version of Windows 10 installed, to launch Skype Meet Now just click on the webcam icon, added to the taskbar. The next step is to choose the contacts you want to start the video conferencing session with and send the invitation.

Completely free and free to use without any restrictions, Skype Meet Now video conferencing sessions can be initiated even with guests who do not use Skype, by sending the link through any instant messaging service.

For them, the connection is made from the web browser. Bonus, the links already generated remain valid and can be reused for up to 30 days for new video conferencing sessions, inviting up to 50 participants. Also optionally, video conferencing sessions can be recorded and stored for up to 30 days, or “more”, according to the company.

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