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Google Maps will show the spread of COVID-19

Google colors Google Maps to reflect the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic for people that are traveling.


Google colours Google Maps to reflect the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Activated from the Map Details section, the new map type uses the average of COVID infection cases reported in the last 7 days, illustrating the travel risk using a suggestive colour palette. The darker the displayed colour, the greater the danger.

Google Maps helps you manage your risk of COVID infection

For a better interpretation of the information presented, each region will have a label with the average number of cases reported per 100,000 inhabitants and an arrow, indicating the trend of increasing or decreasing cases of infection.

Google states that data on the spread of COVID-19 are taken from official sources (local authorities and the World Health Organization), their availability varying from region to region. The service will be available in 220 countries, with Google activating this information at the city level. The same sources are used to deliver detailed information through Google Search.

Implemented at the server level, the new information will appear in the Android and iOS versions of the Google Maps client, but also the web browser interface.

In addition to information on the risk of infection, Google Maps users can also find out about possible travel restrictions, the congestion of public transport and the alerts issued by local carriers.

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