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Google Assistant, an extra help with daily routines

Google Assistant continues to expand its capabilities, this time targeting productivity, helping to meet daily routines.


Google Assistant continues to expand its capabilities, this time targeting productivity, helping to meet daily routines.

Also with the help of artificial intelligence algorithms, Google Assistant will be able to perform several activities simultaneously, using the same voice command.

Activated from the Assistant settings menu, on Android or iOS devices, the new functionality targets the daily activities that users would like automated.

Google Assistant, predictive

Especially in the context of working from home, repetitive activities tend to play an important role in the daily pattern, establishing a path that is easy to anticipate.

With the new Routines feature enabled, Google Assistant will be able to intervene at key times of the day by reminding you of things to do at that time, using landmarks such as calendar entries and past activities.

For example, Google Assistant may resume a previously used task if you used to request that task at the same time of day, for several days in a row.

Conveniently for Google, the justification will be a formula like “you’ve asked for this before around this time”, so that if you’re taken by surprise by the unsolicited help you don’t have too many arguments to express your dissatisfaction.

For a start, it will be about mundane things, such as turning on lights in a room you visit frequently and at about the same time of day. But the potential is limitless. Theoretically, any activity you carry out frequently, secretly or not, can be the source of an unintentional reminder.

Unfortunately, this functionality is limited to the English version of the support service and if your language is not pure English we all know how that works even despite that Google just a couple of years back said that they improved there voice commands and even made workshops with people from all over the world.

Also in the context of working from home, Google also adds a feature called Gentle Sleep and Wake, aimed at users who use Google Assistant to control smart home devices, such as light bulbs, blinds and Wi-Fi controllable audio systems.

For example, using the command “Hey Google, sleep my lights at 11:00 p.m.” users will be able to instruct Google Assistant to automatically reduce light intensity, thus reminding them to respect their sleep hours.

Similarly, the lights can be set for gradual lighting up to 30 minutes before the wake-up alarm, with the idea of ​​a smoother transition from a deep sleep.

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