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Facebook critics launched an independent social network monitoring board

Shortly before the Facebook Oversight Board began its work, critics of the social network started to appear.


Shortly before the start of the Facebook Oversight Board, a “Supreme Court” that will make decisions regarding the moderation of content on the platform, critics of the social network announced a similar but independent entity.

Oversight Board, in which Facebook invests 130 million dollars, will have, among other things, the power to reinstate a post deleted by the moderators of the social network.

The rival, independent entity includes a former investor in Facebook, a journalist who risks getting behind bars in the Philippines and the author of the book “Surveillance Capitalism”, transmits Associated Press. The founders say that the Facebook Oversight Board is too limited in scope and autonomy.

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Investor Roger McNamee, Filipino journalist Maria Ressa, whose publication criticizes President Rodrigo Duterte, and author Shoshana Zuboff say the Facebook platform is already being used to destroy the integrity of the US presidential election. The social network has recently been accused of being a threat to public health.


Obviously, the group has no authority over the company, but it can draw attention to the problems that the largest online social network on the planet has.

Heavy names on both boards overseeing Facebook

The Facebook Oversight Board is set to be launched in October, after several postponements, several days before the US presidential election. The council includes 20 people, ten men and ten women, from 27 countries, according to Gizmodo. A quarter comes from the United States.

Among them are: Tawakkol Karman, Nobel Peace Prize winner in Yemen, Pakistani lawyer Nighat Dad, who advocates for women’s rights on the Internet, former judge at the European Court of Human Rights Andras Sajo and executive director of Internet Sans Frontieres, Julie Owono.

On the other hand, Toomas Henrik Ilves, a former president of Estonia, Derrick Johnson, president of NAACP, and Reed Galen, co-founder of the Lincoln Project, are on the independent counsel.

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