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Apple MagSafe charger works with Pixel 5, Galaxy Z Fold 2 as it does with iPhone 12

The Apple MagSafe charger gets stuck to Pixel 5’s back. But that is not the only phone.


Apple this year has introduced something called as ‘MagSafe’ charger that magnetically aligns to the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro’s backs and charges them. It also supports Qi wireless charging for older iPhones that don’t support MagSafe charging. But it looks like the charging support is not limited to iPhones. 

According to a lot of people, the MagSafe charger works with Google’s flagship, Pixel 5. It was also reported that even Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 supports it. And we’re not talking about Qi wireless charging but magnetic alignment as well like what you will get in iPhone 12 and 12 Pro models.

Apple MagSafe charger that gets stuck to Pixel 5’s back (probably the wireless charging coil) and starts charging it wirelessly. However, it does fall when you shake it slightly hard. The video also shows the charger sticking to iPhone 11 Pro Max and working as mentioned. So this means that even with older iPhones and other handsets you won’t have to look out for a sweet spot when using the MagSafe charger.

Also, the MagSafe charger works with Galaxy Z Fold 2 as well and aligns with the magnetic coil at the back. However, the magnets with the foldable phone are not as strong as they are with iPhone 12 handsets.

While it makes things easier for people, the MagSafe Wireless charging tech is limited to 15W charging. That’s a lot faster than Apple iPhones’ typical 5W charger but still doesn’t use the full potential of the iPhone. It is worth adding that the new iPhones can support 20W fast charging but you need to buy a separate charger for that.

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