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Apple could launch its first mid-range processor for phones: the B14 model

Apple B14 could be the name of the company’s first mid-performance smartphone processor.


Apple does not produce average phones. Even the cheapest device in its offering, the iPhone SE, which is equipped with an old-generation screen and comes with a not-so-top camera, uses the company’s most powerful phone chipset available at launch.

In fact, devices sold at lower prices, such as iPad tablets, use high-end processors from previous generations. This could change next year with the Apple B14 processor.

The Apple B14 processor could provide a lower level of performance, but greater autonomy

According to Mauri QHD, a Twitter leaker who has provided other information about Apple’s plans in the past, the American company is preparing to expand its portfolio of mobile processors.

new apple b14 proccessor

In addition to the top smartphones, which it launches every year, the company also produces processors for iPad Pro tablets, models X or Z, and will soon produce processors for PCs.

Most likely, once the computers equipped with Apple Silicon, we will see more Apple processors, at various levels of performance. Thus, Apple has the chance to try to diversify the performance on smartphones, being able to offer devices with a lower level of performance, at a lower price, but with more efficient energy consumption.

Because it uses older processors on certain models, which are built on higher lithography, they consume more energy. Offering a 5 or 7 nm mid-range chipset compared to a 10 or 12nm processor a few years ago, the cheaper phones in its range could perform just as well with greater battery life.

Mauri QHD suggested last week that an Apple B14 processor (compared to the A14) is already ready for launch and could be used on the iPhone 12 Mini or a third-generation iPhone SE model. It may be less powerful than the high-end one, but with lower power consumption.

Given that the launch of an iPhone SE Plus, based on the design of iPhone 8 Plus, for next year is rumoured, this could be the device that brings the first mid-range Apple chipset on the market.

However, the price could be an advantage of using a mid-range chip, as if Apple can sell a $ 400 phone with a top processor, a cheaper chip could probably drop it below $ 350. the cheapest iPhone on offer.

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